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Sure, we are in the last month of summer, but it isn’t too late to have your car, truck, or utility vehicle’s air conditioning system inspected and serviced. If you did not have this service in the spring, schedule it now with Innovative Auto Service. We will inspect the air conditioning system thoroughly to make sure that there is nothing wrong. Below is just part of our AC system service.


The compressor in the air conditioning system is a part that works better when it is used frequently. We will test the compressor to make sure that it is working properly. We will also inspect the compressor for damage. Your air conditioning system in your automobile needs the compressor to convert the refrigerant gas into a liquid that it can circulate throughout the system.


We will also inspect the condenser because it can be damaged easily by road debris. The condenser is located directly behind your vehicle’s grille. Consequently, it takes quite a bit of abuse from dirt and debris that can fit through the grille. The condenser has this location because it uses the air that flows through the grill to cool the refrigerant. It also uses a separate fan.

Condenser Fan

Naturally, this fan is the condenser fan. We will check it for road damage and also test it to make sure it turns on when you turn on the air conditioning system. Without the fresh air blowing through the grille or the condenser fan, the refrigerant will not cool down. If you have hot refrigerant circulating through the air conditioning system, the air blowing out of the vents will be hot.

Electrical System

One problem that can directly affect the condenser fan is an issue with the electrical system. The fan needs electricity in order to run. As such, we will inspect the electrical system to make sure everything is in order. This includes checking the condition of the wires and their insulations, the relays, and the switches. You want an electrical system that is in tip-top shape.


Finally, part of our air conditioning service is to check the refrigerant to make sure the level is not too low. If it is, we will top the refrigerant off so the air conditioning system is full. Things that can reduce the refrigerant level include leaks and evaporation.

We are Innovative Auto Service in Oklahoma City, OK, and we are here to help with all of your automotive service and repair needs. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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