Engine Repair vs. Engine Rebuild: Examples And Costs

Maintenance is an important part of owning a car. It is no secret, whether you have a new or used vehicle, that you are going to need some regular upkeep.

Today that might mean changing the oil. Tomorrow that might mean checking the air pressure in your tires. But sometimes, it might mean rebuilding your engine.

Engine repairs and rebuilds are more common than you might realize. And if you’ve had your vehicle for a long time, then this might interest you. It’s true that engines last for a very long time. In some instances, a car engine could last between 200,000 – 250,000 miles.

And yet, each car is unique, and therefore some engines will last a bit longer. Or, on the other hand, some might not last as long. But buying a new car doesn’t have to be your only option. And sometimes it might be cheaper to rebuild an engine than replace it.

Time For a New Engine?

As mentioned, engine repair is not as common as other maintenance tasks. So how do you know it is time for a new engine? There are several factors that will be indicators.

The biggest reason you might require engine repair work is if your engine bearings have significant wear. You might hear a loud knocking noise coming from your engine if this is the case. Bearings experience wear because they are connected to the moving parts of the engine.

For instance, the piston and crankshaft are mounted on bearings. The piston rings can also experience wear over time. And since they are used to seal in gasses and exhaust, a worn seal will let some of this smoke out. In this instance, you might notice excessive white smoke coming out with your exhaust.

If your car is experiencing either of these factors, it is time to have it checked out.

Engine piston cross section.

What is Included in an Engine Rebuild?

Every engine rebuild is not the same, but there are certainly a series of measures that are typically taken. For one thing, after removing the engine, we remove the bottom half from it. It is then disassembled further to undergo a thorough cleaning. Only once it is completely clean can it be properly assessed.

Certain bearings or rings might need to be replaced, and the pieces might need to be reconditioned overall. This is because the new pieces need to fit accurately, and seal the engine snugly. This type of repair is common and will give additional life to your engine.

However, there might be an instance of something more specific and involved needing to be done. This type of rebuild depends on what is uniquely wrong with your engine. And if this is the case, the machine shop might need the engine a bit longer.

And this brings up a question you are likely wondering. How long does it take to rebuild an engine?

Typically, this job might take up to a week. But if more parts are needed or more work needs to be done, then it could take longer. And this length of time and materials involved will also dictate the engine rebuild cost. It is best to speak to the professionals directly, and know where you stand.

Any Engine

While all engines are not the same, their functionality is a familiar language. At Innovative Auto Services, we have seen it all. Whether replacing a particular piece of a Ford motor to an entire Subaru engine rebuild, we got you.

If your car is in need of engine repair or a full rebuild, contact our team.

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